Which Premier League manager will get fired first

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Out of my system

My decision is implacable, because we're not compatible
I'm gonna get him out of my system

Well Roberto Mancini has certainly started to get people out his system quite ruthlessly. Craig Bellamy told his only allowed move is to Cardiff, Robinho being told to find another club, Santa Cruz looks to be on his way out to be replaced by players that he is happier working with. One wonders how much money he will spend and lost before he has got rid of everyone Eriksson and Hughes signed and replaced them with his own players.

Mancini seems to have a good idea of what system he wants to play and if you don’t like it he simply gets rid of you but will the spend lots of cash approach work for him. He seems like a man intent on buying every player on the market but if he plays the system he did against Spurs how long will Adebayor, Balotelli, Tevez, Jo or other players happily sit on the bench. It is a juggling act which if he gets right may well yield great results but if discontent starts to rear it’s head and he can’t stem it will he become another high-profile managerial casualty. Mark Hughes was sacked due to having the wrong trajectory of results yet Mancini did not provide much of an improvement on City’s position although they finished 1 place higher in 5th than they were at the time of Hughes’ sacking there is nothing to say that Hughes himself wouldn’t have delivered a 5th place finish and after Hughes had led them to the Carling Cup semi-final City were knocked out by neighbours United (who Hughes had a good record against) and therefore delivered no progress on that front either although they did reach the 5th round of the FA Cup 2 wins against Middlesbrough and Scunthorpe hardly represented a massive return on investment for the manager.

City however seem to have a plan and Mancini is busy putting it into operation and as it involves publicly tapping up other clubs players and offering them substantial financial increases to entice them City are rapidly becoming more unpopular than Chelsea, United and Liverpool especially as they haven’t exactly had a massive amount of recent trophy success that would allow them to be perceived as a step-up for ambitious players. City have the finance to become a great club and certainly have some fantastic players but it is hard to see the current owners having a lot of patience if things slip early on. City fans point to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Inter and Juventus as examples of teams able to consistently by success yet £250M didn’t do Real or Pellegrini any good last year and also overlooks that Serie A and La Liga are not as competitive as the Premier League although the owners are far more impatient.

Mancini will not get the sort of time that Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Rafael Benitez got to assemble a good side but is more likely to get a similar time period that Claudio Ranieri got from Abrahamovic and come may he may well rue the treatment of one Mr Craig Bellamy.

Paul Scholes was asked recently whether he thought the investment at City and close rivalry was a good thing to which his reply was “I’d rather see them back in Division 3”. It will take a lot less for Mancini to be out of Manchester City’s system if he gets knocked out of the Cups early this year and isn’t in the top 4. In football lots of money does not lend itself to lots of patience.

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  1. City will do just fine Adam.I expect them to finish in the top 4 this year which will mean they can bring in a higher calibre of player.Mancini seems to be very level headed and a good manager.I would suspect he will be given plenty of time to mould things his way.

    The standard in the Premier League is lower than it has been and they are the only club with any money to spend.I would suspect(much as you will dislike it)that we are about to enter the age of Man City.

  2. Obviously I voted for myself.

    Mike's the most likely to finish top of the 4 ball you've given us.

  3. Nice read again sir, always do enjoy the DOG... But i think City can be really great, and i also think top4 this year and a league title within 3 years...

    Good stuff though mate!

  4. I do agree that the banner of years at the Stretford End will come down soon (but hopefully no too soon). The problem is I can't see City doing a Blackburn and disappearing it'll be like Chelsea and Abrahamovich but spending the most doesn't always win the title - a lot depends on the manager and I still think "The Special One" will be at Old Trafford rather than Eastlands in 5 years

  5. Mancini will be dumped at the first sign of a wobble and the whole circus will begin again.
    City will be fine in the long run, with so much dough it is enivatable that they will eventially win something, although, Chelsea were by far the richest (plastic) club in the PL yet they didn't win every year either.

    As for City being hated more then Utd, I think we'll have to wait a while for that. :)

  6. Theres always an underlying thread to your blogs Adam, I wonder why

    Anyway I cant vote for myself

  7. I'd vote for me to win the fantasy league, but I'm not an option, so I won't.

  8. As for City being hated more then Utd, I think we'll have to wait a while for that. :)


    True I guess you need to win some trophies to achieve that