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Monday, 12 July 2010

The Patience of a Saint

Why should I care, I’d rather watch drying paint.
But I would try the Patience of a Saint

And they really did test poor Howard’s patience although his credibility wasn’t helped by Mrs Webb saying that she didn’t know how he controls a football match when he can’t even control his kids (a statement even more damning when you consider that he used to be a police officer).

To be fair his achievement of being the first Englishman since 1974 to referee a World Cup Final was submerged under the flurry of cards that he was forced to show to control a match that had you looking around for Brian Jacks and Bruce Lee at one point. The key problem was that the game itself was awful and was almost exactly the same as the Inter-Barcelona semi-final at the Nou Camp with the Dutch forgetting that the match wasn’t over 2 legs and that they would actually need to score.

But enough of the final here are my World Cup High Fliers

Surprise of the Tournament - Chile
This was a hard one as there were a few underdogs that did well including Uruguay, Paraguay, Japan and Slovakia but Chile tried to play with pace and flair but were unfortunate enough to meet Brazil in the last 16.

Team of the Tournament - Germany
They had some really strong results and if they had not been without Mueller for the semi-final I suspect that they would have turned over Spain as well.

Result of the Tournament - South Africa 2 - France 1
This was really close as the 4-0 tonking of the Argies by Germany that sent Maradona and Messi home crying that the mean Germans wouldn’t let them win was a fantastic moment but watching Henry and Co become the first team to be on the plane home was much more fun.

Disaster of the Tournament - France
I was almost tempted to pick England as we were absolutely awful but considering we made the last 16 and the French didn’t we are at least spared that embarrassment.

Player of the Tournament - Bastian Schweinsteiger.
Not only did he perform imperiously in Germany’s midfield he also has a really funny name although Thomas Mueller and Diego Forlan ran him close.

The question is now though which player would represent a good investment after their showing at the World Cup and apart from the German trio Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil, Maicon, Lucio or the young Uruguayan goalkeeper I would say no-one really stood out enough to warrant paying a premium for.

This World Cup has not been the best and the final summed it all up in that it was one of the worst matches of an otherwise poor tournament. I will leave it to Electronic to describe my feelings on the whole thing.

Disappointed, once more
Disillusioned, encore

Lyrics are from the Electronic songs Disappointed and the Patience of a Saint

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  1. First!

    Another cracker mate, keep them coming, i do already follow your blog so i can't help there... you should try reverse phycology tell people that you dont want them following you! treat them mean, and they'll crash out against germany...

    well done agais sir, if i owned a hat i would tip it in your direction...

  2. OK Adam.

    I personally thought that Webb ruined that game, blowing his whistle for every little thing, he gave cards for offences that he obviously didn't see, gave goal kicks when even Stevie Wonder would of awarded a corner and basically let many players get away with waving imaginary yellow cards in his face. (isn't there a rule about that?)

    Surprise of the Tournament.
    For me it was New Zealand, the only undefeated team in the tournament. Who would of given them an ice cubes chance in hell before it all kicked off? Yet they went home heads held high.

    Team of the Tournament.
    I agree with your selection of Germany.

    Disaster of the Tournament.

    Although you are probably correct in naming France, I'll still say that England were the bigger disaster. There wasn't too much expected of France, but England just managed to scrape through the weakest group in the tournament and ere totally outclassed by the Germans.
    On second thoughts, I've changed my mind, the pundrity on the beeb was the biggest disaster, the same tired cliches and total lack of understanding about the orld game was embarrasing.

    Result of the Tournament

    I'll go with your second choice, Ger 4 Arg 0. Followed closly by Brazil 1 NL 2.


    Player of the Tournament - Bastian Schweinsteiger.
    Totally agree, played with skill, passion, dignity and the word that the beeb bloggers don't seem to know what means, integrity.

  3. The "Cheers" should be at the end of the post, it somehow got pushed back out of position. (Is it Rooney in disguise?)

  4. Adam I agree with most of what you say

    Webb was only going to have a difficult game after Robben said they wanted to win ugly

    TotT Germany
    PotT Schweinsteiger, Forlan, cant say Mueller as 2 of his 5 were against England

    DotT Definitely France(only England in our eyes)

    Worst Moment the non goal, Tevez offside, tho I should add to the non goal in support of of England, that many of my German colleagues say that was the most difficult 35 mins for them either side of halftime, it would have been an injustice for them to lose esp as they then stuffed Argentina

  5. First class Adam, interesting and informative. Just one small point, Howard still is a police officer, he's just enjoying a five years career break according to his Chief Constable.
    It's the worst final I've seen for many a long year and I think is best forgotten, the sooner the better. I thought the 3/4th play off was most enjoyable and for me goes down as one of the games of the tournament.

  6. Decent read adam.

    I'm pleased there was no mention of psb.

    Player of the tournament: Forlan.
    Team, yes definitely Germany.

    Also thought Webb was ok in the final. Apart from the corner not given, why are the dutch upset? They should have been down to 9 men after 30mins. So the Dutch should be praising Webb.