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Friday, 2 July 2010

Bright Young Things

Pardon me. Mr. Murray, something's really been bugging me.
Just how did you get here?
Producer's a friend of mine. Had a teamster drop me off
(Space Jam - Daffy Duck & Bill Murray)

I’m sure if Daffy Duck was to ask this question of today’s Wimbledon semi-finalist he would get an answer of hard work and determination 2 qualities that were missing from the England football team and qualities that most MP’s show when trying to claim their expenses. Much has been made of Lord Dave’s cuts this week and many have complained that he failed to cut where most needed i.e the heads of most of the national football team.

So where did it go wrong for Capello?

Well picking or not picking players was the start no Hargreaves or Neville left him at the mercies of Gareth Barry and Glenn Johnson who are not even the best English players in their respective positions in the Premier League, picking Heskey cost him not only goals but Rio Ferdinand and against Germany when chasing the game instead of being able to bring on Bent and Walcott he had to settle for someone who hadn’t scored a goal since February. As Harry Potter would say

RIDDIKULUS (apt considering that for most England fans a Boggart would turn into Emile Heskey wearing an England shirt)

So what next for Capello well I would say it is time to say goodbye to David James, Glenn Johnson, Matthew Upson, Gareth Barry, SWP and Heskey and switch to 4-3-3 which would allow a 3 man midfield of Hargreaves, Gerrard (or Lampard) and Beckham (at least until Lennon & Walcott learn how to cross the ball properly) with Adam Johnson or Ashley Young and Lennon or Walcott flanking Rooney. Stick Bent and Owen on the bench in case you need to change to 4-4-2 and you are sorted. We do need a new right back & centre-back so maybe Gary Cahill needs a chance in a couple of friendlies and stick Gary Neville at right back until we find another decent one as at least he knows how to defend and cross the ball.

And therein lies the problem until England have a commanding and consistent goalkeeper (Joe Hart maybe) and a defence that stops parting like the Red Sea England will continue to struggle against quality opposition. On this years showing even Wales will fancy their chances so lets get back to basics make some cuts and actually start winning games or in terms of England as a world power Obituaries appear /You can leave your tributes here

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  1. first off i woul liek to say well done on a nother well writeen blog mate... secondly i applaud any written work that embraces the teachings of Space Jam... thirdly, i think its brilliant you think htat gnev should be back in the squad, i think its a terrible idea but i love that you think it, the courage of ones convictions is an amicable trait... fourthly, you know that by the time we get to Euro 2012 the midfield you just picked will have collective age of 200,000 years... fithly, i have no more to say but the word fithly makes me chuckle.

    Top marks to the lad in the psb t-shirt!

  2. Er, do i have to read or do I just post without reading?

  3. Hey, I was expecting some bright young things like you know, bright young things. And then you talk about Heskey............... blooody 'ell man!!

  4. I'm talking about replacing Heskey with some Bright Young Things rather than Heskey himself. But maybe we should just blame Heskey for it all and be dome with it

  5. That'll suit me actually. He never did anything except hit the goalies with his shots!

  6. Good post - especially the "you can follow me on twitter, but I never put anything on there" :) - I strangely still want to follow lol.

    My blog http://robinhamilton1982.blogspot.com/ - full of incorrect opinions :) - let me know what u think ... ill update soon.

  7. Bright young things - like Owen, Gary Neville, Hargreaves and Beckham?! I thought the idea was to bring in fresh blood, not ancient players who are older/slower/worse than the old/slow/awful lot that made it into the squad this year around...

    Don't get me wrong, Beckhams probably worth having around just for his experience and set-piece play, but why start him above someone like Ashley Young, one of Villas most consistent performers over the last three seasons?

    And I think you're the first person I've seen who has suggested dropping Johnson but not Terry.... Johnson, despite his numerous faults, still beats Neville to a place any day of the week, while Terry surely has the best of his England days behind him, with energetic young CB's like Jagielka, Cahill, Jones, and Dawson breathing down his necks. At least we still have a nice little production line of Centre Backs...

  8. I would drop Terry if Cahill or Shawcross can definitely step up but Johnson is too suspect defensively. Ashley Young would be in the Lennon/ Johnson position in a 4-3-3 while Beckham would be in the midfield 3 rather than the attacking 3 although you would be right if going 4-4-2. Jagielka and Dawson as you haev correctly pointed out are also in line to move Terry out but I don't think Capello will

  9. Adam, you're not a United fan by an chance are you?

    Bring back Beckham, Owen and GNev, yet call for bright young things? You must be having a giggle surely?
    The only one of the motely manc quartet I'd agree with is Hargreaves, but only if he was fully fit and had a good number of games under his belt.
    Rooney was probably the worst player on show in an England shirt during the WC, in fact it's pretty fair to say he didn't show up at all, yet no damnation, why not? O of course, he plays for IOU, so is untouchable.

    I like your blog style Adam, but f you want to write a balanced piece about England then you should try putting your club alliegences to one side.