Which Premier League manager will get fired first

Thursday, 17 June 2010


When fame sustained me and arenas acclaimed me
I floated through life in a cloud
of love and insanity and pagan profanity
before a worshipping crowd
Now my status is ill-defined
As an icon I'm inclined
to be coming under friendly fire
shot in the fatal cause of rock-and-roll
but whatever dull or clever points they've scored
I have never, oh no never, been ignored

I would think the Argentina manager would feel a twinge of empathy with Frances Barber’s Billie Trix as she sings about how the lustre has faded from the legend while people seek to damn her with faint praise as he struggles with the pressure of being a the living legend who will take Argentina to glory as a player and manager and join ‘Der Kaiser’ Franz Beckenbauer who is currently the only person to do so.

1 week into the world cup and already Diego Maradona is on the warpath demanding Pele rejoin the dinosaurs at the museum and the referees send off anyone who is mean to little Lionel especially the South Koreans who if Maradona is believed are a bunch of dirty ninjas hell-bent on crippling any skilful players in his team, a belief built on the Mexico 86 tournament when the South Koreans had the nerve to not just roll-over for Argentina and actually scored although the game was beyond them by that point. Apparently the Koreans spoilt things by tackling Argentine players, defending and trying to score all of which Diego felt smacked of some higher conspiracy to stop him winning.

Spain keeper Iker Casillas got no comfort from his girlfriend when at a press conference after the Switzerland game she asked ‘How did you mess that up then’ to which the unusually uncliched honest answer of ‘I don’t know’ was given The sight of Carlos Perreira lambasting the referees performance for correctly sending off the South African keeper despite not actually seeing the incident and Cristiano Ronaldo’s when he was fouled and then booked for being fouled and a drop ball given (despite the ref booking the Ivorian concerned), was almost as funny as the look on a German journalists face when she asked Wayne Rooney if he wanted to meet Germany in the last 16 and he said ‘Yes, so we can beat them’

The Germans have claimed that if they play England they will just play for penalties in that match because they will win. Plenty of mind games there then.

This world cup has not been the best in terms of goals but given Maradona’s presence I think press conferences will become far more entertaining especially if Argentina win the tournament (given the tone of his outburst when they qualified we may be on another Keegan I’d just love it moment especially if they get Brazil along the way) and it could get even more pressurised given that Spain, France and Portugal could all be going home if they fail to win their next match. As Mr Tennant once said ‘Ring the bells, tell everyone, Revolution can be fun’


  1. Good effort Adam.

    I think I may be the only person on the planet who is really enjoying this WC, but then again I've been watching every game with a beer in my hand (suppposedly working behind my own bar. If this is work then I'll never need a vacation.

    I did have to laugh the other day when I say Diego calling for refs to make sure there is "Fair Play" in all the games, what a twat. Love the beard though, I wonder how many pueblos he will pilage after this competition?

  2. Good stuff Adam, the sooner the French go home the better, they should never have been there anyway.

    Diego has been kissing his rosary for the camera, off camera he's allegedly been kissing Mascherano's ring.

  3. Good article Adam, I voted for france as revenge for le main du dieu against the Irish

    I heard Rooney is rooming with Terry. I wonder whose ring finger gets worn out first?

  4. Well said Adam,
    Definetely and most deservedly France to go out first.

    Things like vuvu, ambush marketing and Maradona are keeping the tournament alive.

  5. Tone I think Jacks is just taking a break to spend some time with his wife and kids rather than us and Robbo I suspect he'll be back in a couple of weeks probably when we all cease ranting and Robbo puts up some proper stuff rather than the half-hearted efforts he's doing currently I mean not even JDR can be bothered to pitch up and critique it at the moment

  6. well robbos not paid to do it anymore is he? i cant tell any difference persoanlly except the curmudgeonly old codger in the Blue Bell has been body snatched by a more stereotypical middle aged footie fan

    i thort you were surprisingly sympathetic, adam to a drug addict/alkie/convicted crim/tax fraudster (30mill owed in Italy)/ fat/ communist football cheat who doesnt know what hes doing. fortunately for him he's also got a team which might just nick it (typical argies - they'll nick anything)

  7. adam, i am tempted to be mean as you just said i wrte some crap over at my blog, which i do so fair enough mate... but another good read thier fella!

    one thing how come you aren't a follower of my blog yet i ama follower of yours, you have 48 hours to add me to your followed list or i remove my support from your blog!